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Congratulations Bubba Lamb- 5th place Section IV Championships


 SIDNEY BIDS FAREWELL to Joe Chase, Chase Mott, and Jordan Clapperton 


The Varsity Wrestling capped of their season with the Section IV Championships at the Veteran's Memorial Arena. This year Sidney took 6 participants, Bryon Ruland and Pat Wright were not there for involuntary reasons, even still 6 participants is the most that Sidney has brought to sectionals in recent memory. Of the 6 participants, 5 took home victories. This year, as apposed to years passed, the Championships were held on Saturday and Sunday. If they were held on Friday, then every wrestler would have made it to the next day, however that being said, Congratulations to Derrick Lamb on a great showing. Lamb placed 5th in the Sectional Championships. Congratulations to Tyler Koza, Pete Bartolillo, Tanner Koza, Derrick Lamb, John Mercurio, Joe Chase, Bryan Ruland, Ron Alston, Chase Mott, Jordan Clapperton, and Pat Wright on a terrific season. Good luck to Joe Chase, Chase Mott and Jordan Clapperton as they are the graduating seniors and hope to remember all of the memories as a teammate of the Sidney Wrestling Team. With these seniors leaving the team looks to 5-year varsity wrestler Derrick Lamb as well as Ron Alston and Peter Bartolillo for leadership next year as the team looks to keep the improving streek alive.

The following Wrestlers have placed in a Varsity Tournament this year:

112- Tyler Koza-     5th Class C Championships

125- Tanner Koza-  3rd Dan Wickam 

125- Derrick Lamb- 
                            4th Cuneen-Doane
                            3rd Stan Elinsky
130-                      3rd Dan Wickam
                            3rd- Class C Championships
                            5th- SECTION IV CHAMPIONSHIPS

135- Bryan Ruland-
                             5th- Class C Championships

135- Joe Chase-
                            3rd Dan Wickam
140-                      5th- Class C Championships

145- Ron Alston-    4th-  Class C Championships

160- Chase Mott- 
                            3rd- Cuneen-Doane
                            5th- Class C Championships
152-                     3rd- Dan Wickam

171- Jordan Clapperton-
                            3rd- Cuneen-Doane
                            1st- Dan Wickam
                            3rd- MAC Championships
                            4th- Class C Championships

275- Pat Wright- 4th- Class C Championships

The Following Wrestlers have placed in a JV Tournament this year:

112- Tyler Koza-
                              5th- Greene

130- Tanner Koza-

135-Bryan Ruland-
                              2nd- Greene

145- Ron Alston-
                              3rd- BGA 

145- John Mercurio-
                              5th- Greene

145-  Joe Chase-
                             1st- Greene


Congratulations and Good Luck SENIORS!!!

Joe Chase-140 lbs.

Chase Mott-160 lbs.

Jordan Clapperton-171 lbs.

2007-2008 Season Tentavily starts November 5th, 2007

Schedule TBA

Coach Tim Stafford